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Christina Bowman
08-23-2014 8:53:43 PM MST
Hi Paula... I have been thinking about the girls. Always do. Don't know if you would allow me to have contact? My phone number is the same: (970)250 0199. I looked at the pics of the girls on web site. They are gorgeous and look happy. Maddi will turn 7 november 1st. Hope you will call us or allow them to talk to us. Maddi said she really wants to see them. Take care... Christina

kelly haman   kellyajohnw@usadig.com
12-31-2005 11:24:49 pm EST
hello, its kelly, i lost the password or whatever to see the pictures on line, can you email me them please. thanks

Jennifer   hm2docswann@yahoo.com
12-28-2005 12:09:54 pm EST
I absolutely love this school. There is no other place in Billings that compares to Treasure State.

Paula Pitman   PaulaLeah64@aol.com
11-12-2005 02:31:39 pm EST
Feel free to leave a message or to email me if you have a question about our day care!